The Refinement of Copper is the journey of exploring and commanding the flesh. As a created being, a Promethean's connection to his body is often experienced quite differently than a human's. Cuprum Transmutations control the shape and capabilities of the Promethean's own body.

Those who choose to follow the path of Cuprum in their Pilgrimage seek to understand acts of resilience and survival. They often study skills such as Endurance, Survival, Athletics and Medicine, to better understand how humans live, persevere, and die.


  • Ignore Pain (*) - Stamina+ Endurance + Corporeum: Ignore 1 point of wound, fatigue or hunger penalty per success for the remainder of the scene.
  • Monstrous Swiftness (*) - Strength + Athletics + Corporeum: Add successes to your Speed, Defense and Initiative, and multiply your jumping distance by your successes for the remainder of the scene.
  • Regeneration (**) - Stamina + Endurance + Corporeum: Spend 1 Pyros per success to regenerate 1 lethal wound, or to convert 1 aggravated wound into lethal.
  • Hard Body (**) - Stamina + Endurance + Corporeum: Add successes to your Armor for the remainder of the scene.
  • Titanic Vigor (***) - Stamina + Athletics + Metamorphosis: Add your Azoth to your Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina per success for the remainder of the scene.


  • Chameleon Skin (*) - Composure + Stealth + Metamorphosis: Change the texture and color of your skin, hair and eyes for a scene. This can allow a Promethean to appear completely human for the remainder of the scene, or grant them camouflage, providing a +1 bonus per success to any Stealth attempts for the remainder of the scene.
  • Natural Weaponry (*) - Stamina + Weaponry + Metamorphosis: Grow natural weapons which deal +1 lethal damage for the remainder of the scene.
  • Body Double (**) - Composure + Subterfuge + Metamorphosis: Adjust your voice and appearance (including height, weight and gender) to match another person's, or to simply look entirely different.
  • Guise of Proteus (**) - Stamina + Survival + Metamorphosis: Spend 1 Will to change shape into any creature.
  • Chimera (***) - Stamina + Survival + Metamorphosis: Grow new limbs or organs (including gills, tentacles, poison glands, etc.), in any configuration desired.