Lust NuminaEdit

Asmodeus's VestmentsEdit

  • Devil's Eyes (*) - Roll Presence+Empathy+Lust to know what your target most desires, and what they are willing to pay for it.
  • Forked Tongue (**) - Grow a forked tongue for a scene, adding your Lust to all Social rolls.
  • Form of the Succubus (***) - Permanently gain the Sexualized Merit and +4 dots of Striking Looks, which stack with any Merit purchase. This change manifests whether or not you are Unleashed, so expect to get a lot of attention - both wanted and unwanted.

Spirit of LustEdit

  • Burning Desire (*) - none: add your Lust to your Presence per Passion spent for one action.
  • Entice (**) - Presence+Persuasion+Lust - Composure: Create an overwhelming desire within the target.
  • Easy Access (***) - Savvy+Socialize+Lust vs. Resolve+Streetwise: Reduce target's Composure by 1 per net success for the scene.

Lure of the LashEdit

  • Addicted to Pain (*) - Stamina+Survival+Lust: Turn wound penalties into bonuses for the remainder of the scene.
  • Ecstasy in Agony (**) - Savvy+Brawl+Lust: subtract successes from target's Defense for the rest of the scene.
  • Exquisite Torture (***) - Dexterity+Intimidation+Lust vs. Resolve+Survival: Deal 1 lethal damage and implant 1 simple supernatural compulsion per success. The compulsions last a number of days equal to your Investment.