The Sanguine HumorEdit

The Muses are ruled by passion and desire. When in the thrall of Torment, a Muse will do anything necessary to achieve their basest desires, without concern for others or long-term consequences. A Muse in the thrall of Torment gains the rote quality on all Presence rolls.


Inhuman Presence - A Muse always receives 9-again on Presence rolls, and may raise Presence above 5 dots with Experience. A Presence may always spend one Pyros to gain the Rote quality on any Presence roll, even retroactively.

Bestowment MeritEdit

Striking Looks

Muse LineagesEdit


Beautiful statues given life through devotion and prayer, the Galateae favor Mesmerism and Stannum.


Synthetic humanoids given life by their creator's obsession with duplicating the human form, the Dolls favor Mesmerism and Sensorium.