Rage Numina are the Gifts of Father Wolf himself, and thus the natural birthright of all Uratha. These Numina may only be taught by Wolf-Spirits or other Uratha.

Rage GiftsEdit

  • Mask of Rage (*) - Presence+Intimidation+Rage: terrify onlookers by radiating an aura of predatory menace.
  • Hone Rage (*) - Stamina+Survival+Rage: each success sacrifices one turn in Gauru Form for +1 Strength, +1 Stamina or +1 Dexterity.
  • Rekindled Rage (**) - Stamina+Expression+Rage: each success provides an additional turn in Gauru Form.
  • Soured Rage (**) - Presence+Intimidation+Rage vs. Composure+Rage: on success, target enters a fear-frenzy.
  • Primal Form (***) - Stamina+Survival+Rage: enter Primal Form for 1 turn per success.

Gifts of Father WolfEdit

  • Wolf-Blood's Lore (*) - Presence+Animal Ken+Rage: communicate with dogs and wolves in any form.
  • Partial Change (*) - Stamina+Survival+Rage: May shift single body parts to gain a specific bonus from another form without fully changing.
  • Primal Howl (**) - Presence+Expression+Rage: invoke Lunacy within 100 yards per success.
  • Skin-Stealing (**) - Shift Hishu form into the shape of any human whose blood you've tasted.
  • Spirit Pack (***) - Presence+Animal Ken+Rage: Each success summons 1 Wolf Spirit for the rest of the scene.

Gifts of SavageryEdit

  • Predator's Presence (*) - Presence+Intimidation+Rage: Reverse normal Social penalties for interacting with mortals.
  • Wolf's Speed (*) - none: Push yourself Physically to perform one extra action per essence spent, and may apply full Defense to ranged attacks.
  • Savage Jaws (**) - none: claw and bite attacks may deal aggravated damage for the remainder of the scene.
  • Unending Fury (**) - none: may choose to enter Death Rage whenever you would otherwise enter fear-frenzy.
  • Embrace the Beast (***) - none: may choose to enter Death Rage whenever injured.

Gifts of StrengthEdit

  • Crushing Blow (*) - none: Brawl attacks deal lethal damage for the remainder of the scene.
  • Mighty Bound (*) - Strength+Athletics+Rage: Jump (Rage) yards vertically and (Rage x 2) yards horizontally per success.
  • Iron-Rending (**) - Strength+Crafts+Rage: double all damage to inanimate objects for one turn per success.
  • Legendary Arm (**) - Strength+Crafts+Rage: increase throwing range and maximum Size by 1 per success for your next throw.
  • Savage Might (***) - Strength+Crafts+Rage: +1 to Strength per success for the remainder of the scene.

Gifts of StalkingEdit

  • Night Sight (*) - none: See in total darkness for the remainder of the scene.
  • Heaven's Guidance (*) - none: Gain the Direction Sense Merit for the remainder of the scene.
  • Shadow Step (**) - Dexterity+Stealth+Rage: Step into a shadow and exit another shadow one yard away per success.
  • Shadow Strike (**) - Strength+Stealth+Rage: As above, but apply additional successes as an attack from ambush.
  • Night-blind (***) - Presence+Occult+Rage: Blind all opponents within 1 yard per success.