Sloth NuminaEdit

Belphegor's VestmentsEdit

  • Insensate Hide (*) - Grow armored plates for a scene, granting your Sloth in Armor.
  • Sinuous Grip (**) - Ignore up to Sloth points of environmental penalties for climbing, and climb any surface.
  • Pallor of Cancerous Health (***) - Regenerate Sloth points of bashing damage or one point of lethal damage per turn.

Resilience of the DamnedEdit

  • Blasé Indifference (*) - none: add your Sloth to your Stamina for the remainder of the scene.
  • Obstinate Ennui (**) - none: Resist knockback and stun effects for the remainder of the scene.
  • Needed Rest (***) - Stamina+Medicine+Sloth: Remain still to heal 1 bashing damage or convert 1 lethal damage into bashing per success.

Lure of SlumberEdit

  • Soothing Lullaby (*) - Presence+Expression+Sloth – Resolve: Target takes 1 bashing Health damage per success, and suffers -1 to all actions per success for the remainder of the scene.
  • Drain Motivation (**) - Presence+Persuasion+Sloth: Target loses one Will and one Morale per success.
  • Lull to Sleep (***) - Composure+Expression+Sloth – Stamina: Everyone within (Sloth x 10) yards is incapacitated for one turn per success.